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The man that God sent...

“He is my enemy, he does not understand me!” That was my first thought when the tall man spoke to me. His voice and look were very friendly, but at no cost did I want to be involved in a conversation with him. So I went directly to the large glass door. But my friends: They spoke with great interest with the man. While they did I waited at the stairs. When they came in, they showed me a leaflet with the development of the child as well as offers of help and a baby model of plastic. I started to cry. Suddenly, I remembered when I woke up tomorrow this morning that I had prayed, “God, in the depth of my soul I do not want to abort, but my situation is so hopeless … If there is any way out, give me a sign …”

Was this man the sign? It was a strange feeling … a tug at my heart but a clear “Yes!” for my child and on the other hand: I saw absolutely no way to cope with it all. With an illegitimate child, as a Muslim, I can not go back to my home country! So we went up to abortion practice. At the registration we learned that the whole price must be paid immediately. My friend discussed with the Reciptionist about a deposit…No chance! Oh no …Must I come here again?! … Oh no! My translator said that with this money you could buy a lot of baby things … And again I thought of my waking-up prayer and felt like I was in a roller coaster! We’ll go outside again. The tall man spoke to me again. I will never forget his gaze-he had compassion, but he also knew nothing about the seriousness of my situation. But I said to myself, “Trust, Mia, this man has sent God, He is the sign that you asked for!” I was surprised when he said, “Do not do that to yourself you will feel very sad afterwards! ” I felt: It’s not just about the child! This is also about me !! He cares about me!

Shortly afterwards we sat in  a car and drove to the Helper’s office. There, i was given excellent advice and immediately given a place to stay.I was actually in Munich visiting and my friend who reside here and I could no longer stay with him because I saw that our relationship had no future. I was already in the sixth month, but I do not know if it is a boy or a girl. Wolfgang, with whom I had many good conversations and prayers, came up with the idea of calling the child Andrea, because that is both a girl’s and a boy’s name in Italian. The baby moved to the name and seemed to like it as well. It was an extraordinary experience: My child would move in my womb whenever Wolfgang was near and when he says “Hello, Andrea!”. Sometimes the baby even leaped! The two have a real communication with each other. 
At the beginning, I did not want to accept it. But more and more I see that I carry a miracle of creation in my body! I am so happy about my decision. Although I still do not know how it goes on when and where, I have understood one thing: God saved me from the greatest error of my life. He heard my plead in a hopeless situation. And God will continue to protect me and my child and lead us into a good future! I am so grateful to all the people who have prayed for us and helped us.
Experience retold by Ava.
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