Supporting women...

Our organisation supports women in crisis pregnancies. We survive solely on donations from people. We do not receive subsides from any government or church department.  So do give generously to help women continue to have the option to choose life even against the odds.

Nuturing Self-Giving love

We all have experience of our parents putting us first. Self-giving love is a beautiful part of life where we put the needs of another before our own. Such love allows us to truly blossom and gives meaning and purpose to our lives. Our service help women and men to consider the joy of welcoming parenthood. 

Sharing the joy of relationship

We are made for relationship. The joy of life is being in relationship with others. We help women welcome the gift of life within them and support them throughout the pregnancy and beyond.

Healing the scars of abortion

The scars of abortion are very real and if not deal with will last a lifetime. We have counselled women in their 60s who suffered 40 years or more with the scars of abortion. We serve both men and women of any age who are victims of abortion. Post abortion counselling is something that can help heal hearts and minds. 

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