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The “Helpers Germany” are in harmony with the spirituality and working methods created by the founder of the World Apostolate, Monsignor Philip Reilly of Brooklyn, New York. It is our priority to preserve these noble values alive and at the same time fruitfully developing them further.

We organize Peaceful Prayer Processions to abortion or other significant places (Prayer Vigils for Life) and offer mothers who are on the way to the abortion clinic, help at the last moment ( Sidewalk Counselling). We hold lectures and seminars for young people and adults, publish about three newsletters about our activities every year and often take part in radio interviews. We support and advise mothers (and  fathers) during pregnancy and beyond. This includes both material and other help, sometimes in cooperation with  partner organizations. We pay special attention to women and girls who suffer from the consequences of abortion (s) and who turn to us with confidence. We accompany them sensitively on the path of inner healing and reconciliation with their deceased child.

Our activities are based on the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church and the generally accessible, modern scientific knowledge of

• the development of human life in the womb

• the fascinating processes in the woman’s body during and after fertilization

• prenatal psychology

• The consequences and therapy of abortion trauma

• education and counseling for pastoral care and psychological counseling

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