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Do you want to be a part of the work we do? We need both local, regional and international volunteers. So if you live in Germany, or another European country, even if you are half way around the world. We want to hear from you. 

We are an organization that runs on Volunteer efforts, so your help will be greatly welcomed.

We have the following areas for volunteering:

  1. Administration-helping the Administrative team of letters, phone calls, mail outs, etc
  2. Being part of our monthly marches through the cities where we operate or helping to coordinate the marches
  3. Being part of the Peaceful Prayer Presence outside of Abortion Clinics
  4. Being a Sidewalk Counsellor-we provide you with training and support
  5. Being a Culture of Life Advocate-talking to groups of people about the sanctity of life
  6. Other: if you have a skill and want to help out, let us hear from you and we can discuss it.

It’s always good to start off with a conversation whether it be through letter or a telephone call. So contact us today. Then when all has been clarified provide us with the documentation below.  

To get involved we ask that you provide us with:

  1. A Personal Statement from you explaining your motivations.
  2. A reference from A Priest/ Pastor, Your Community Leader or someone who has known you for 3 or more years
  3. A Resume with your skills and competence
  4. And an outline of your availability and the area you would like to help and 
  5. A Police Record Certificate

All these documents can be posted to us at:

Helfer Deutschland

(Helfer für Gottes kostbare Kinder Deutschland e.V)

Postfach 662199

81218 Munchen



We welcome people from all nationalities, cultures and language. We look forward to hearing from you.

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