Crisis Pregnancy

Oh God...I am pregnant!

It can be a big surprise when a girl suddenly finds out: Oh God! I’m pregnant! The uncertainty of the future, a possibly problematic (or even no!) relationship with the child’s father, possibly unemployment, high school graduation, or a completely different current life situations give rise to the idea: A baby? “Mission Impossible!” One may think:

 “My child there is no place for you” … 

This leads to a crisis for the soon-to-be parents. The crisis comes from not knowing what to do next.

The pressure of parents, partners, or friends can cause a woman or her partner to view her pregnancy as a crisis that needs to be addressed. Without having someone to listen and help resolve some of the concerns about pregnancy, many women are forced or pressured or made to feel obligated to make a decision that they regret for the rest of their lives.

We offer an open ear and realistic information to help through the difficulties that may arise. So that the crisis stops being a storm and turns into a calm horizon where clear decisions can be made.

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